The game of lacrosse has given us so many amazing opportunities. However, we would not be the players and people we are today without the guidance and mentorship of amazing coaches and people we’ve encountered along the way. With the many distractions of outside pressure, social media, instant gratification, we believe the root and beauty of team sports has been slightly clouded. We aim to create an intimate focused group of young women who learn to empower each other in ways off the lacrosse field. We want to challenge and expose these athletes to something perhaps they would never do on their own. Inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves FOR themselves and others around them. This group will focus on what is important, and work through the tough aspects of growing up as a strong female athlete that are sometimes overlooked and not spoken about. We want to have those sometimes uncomfortable conversations and navigate through adversity confidently. We want to get back to what this experience is all about- growing into the strong, confident leader each and every one of you are.

Bond together and empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Be there to support each other in difficult times and work to find the positive lesson in everything. Develop all of the qualities young female athletes need to be successful in not just lacrosse, but in life.

Weekly sessions with local fitness instructors, lacrosse coaches, and women who shine in their professions
o This will include one active session: Yoga, Boot camp, Barre, Boxing, etc.

Follow up with mental workshops with qualified, relatable women o Goal setting, Leadership, Self-Love, Nutrition, etc.

Meditation/Reflection practice
o Each week the girls will reflect on their progress and practice meditation.

With the constant movement from event to event, we want to give these girls time for themselves to self-assess.

Community Outreach
o Work directly with Harlem Lacrosse (work with the girls, big sister program, fundraise)

Resume building
o Life after lacrosse, working with programs and how to manage playing with what your goals are