Finish Line Lacrosse Ultimate Membership ($500)

  • 1 Hour Nutrition Consult with Registered Dietitian ($150 value)
  • 3, 1 Hour Spring Lessons ($150 value)
  • 3, 1 Hour Summer Lessons ($150 value)
  • Day Camp, Elite Academy or Empire ($225-$399 value)
  • Baseline testing (nutrition, fitness, lacrosse) with a plan to improve all aspects of your game ($99 value)

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    Finish Line Lacrosse Recruiting Membership ($299)

    • Access to us 24/7- call, text, email
    • Communication to college coaches prior and after EVERY event you attend
    • Watch Film/Games to really understand and get to know you as a player (strengths/weaknesses)
    • Constant feedback on what you should be doing to become a better player
    • Weekly Check-In's to update list
    • Constantly updating and changing list of colleges
    • EDUCATE ALL PARTIES- parents, players, coaches on different attributes of colleges
    • Sit down in person if local
    • Educate parents/players on scholarship process (D1, D2, D3, IVY)
    • Create Spreadsheet on what financially is most beneficial (pros/cons)

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