Recruiting Showcase
for the 2021 and 2020 Classes
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June 26-27th 2018

Under Armour Field
1627 East Fort Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230

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Fee $399

Weekend Results June 2017

FASTEST 40: 4.97 #77 Kallie Hoffman
FASTEST 5/10/5: 4.57 #77 Kallie Hoffman
FASTEST 300: 58 #36 Kaitlyn Cumiskey

2017 ALL EMPIRE Team

3 Emma Anderson
36 Kaitlyn Cumiskey
48 Sandy Edwards
90 Rylie Kelly
52 Isabella Fontana
53 Sara Freeman
43 Madison Daziel
59 Kylie Gelabert
47 Maeve Dolan
111 Sarah Miller
11 Mackenzie Beil
86 Rachel Keefe
77 Kallie Hoffman
100 Whitney Lieber
121 Lauren Onufrak
101 Samantha Lip
127 Abby Quoin
80 Lindsay Hult
167 Ellie Traggio
140 Delaney Roth
147 Isabel Sedwick
123 Brooke Papenfuss
142 Brianna Samuels
85 Sarah Jones
99 Lucy Licata
163 Emma Taylor
175 Mattie Wilding
178 Jackie Wolford

E M P I R E   F O R M A T :

  • Each athlete will be given top of the line Under Armour gear
  • Each athlete is placed on a balanced team persisting of 10-12 player each
  • Each team will be coached by an experienced club, high school, or college coach
  • Games will be 7v7 on a 60 yard field to ensure fast pace and multiple touches for every player
  • Games will be officiated by certified officials
  • Each team will have a recruiting, nutrition and fitness "talks"
  • Official team booklets will be made to give to each college coach at the event
  • Winners of the All-Tournament team will be announced after the championship game

P R O F E S S I O N A L   C O M B I N E :

Winners of the All-Tournament team will be announced after the championship game
  • 20 yard dash
  • 40 yard dash
  • 300 yard shuttle
  • 5/10/10/5 pro agility shuttle
  • Results will be ranked and made public to all college coaches

Thank you all for participating in our first annual Empire Recruiting Showcase! It was fun to watch such talented players compete!

All Empire Team 2019

Lexi Thielemann
Mallory Jubb
Caroline Bean
Kathryn Galway
Jordan Bentley
Grace Murray
Maddie Brady
Lexi Ashby
Alma Nye
Morgan Fund
Grace Goetz
Sabrina Leatherwood
Gabriella Garrett
Carleigh Armstrong
Brianna Samuels
Abby Boehl

All Empire Team 2020

Andra Savage
Caitlyn Baeck
Morgan Schwab
Kaitlyn Hunsinger
Lilly Kannapell
Mya Brock
LaRen Blakesley
Elizabeth Harrison
Lindsey Marshall
Julia Hammerschlag
Sophia Wrisk
Paige Abbott
Mackenzie Bell
Dymin Gerow
Kelly Schluederberg
Sara Palmisano
Lilly Hall
Emma Chandler
Abby Jenkins
Macy Miller
Izzy D'antonio
Mary Kate Allen
Katherine Healy


Under Armour Field
1518 Latrobe Park Terrace
Baltimore, MD 21230


  • REGISTRATION: Registration will be staggered due to which team your daughter is on. They are only staggered an hour apart due to field size and scheduling. We will release the team rosters shortly.

  • PARKING: Parking is limited due to being in the city. We highly suggest carpooling or dropping girls off and parking elsewhere. There are plenty of food locations walking distance

  • SCHEDULE: If you are attending the event the 14/15th the games in RED will be your schedule on the 15th. Everyone attending the event the 15/16th will be the BLACK games on the 15th and the only games on the 16th. If we have any goalies who would like to play in the third day for no additional cost please let me know ASAP.

  • RECRUITING QUESTIONNAIRE: For all of you who filled these out in a timely manner thank you! for those of you that did not, it is not the end of the world! We are offering Coaches Packet at our showcase so the coaches will have all the information that they need

  • FILM: All of you should have received a game film opportunity email from Cinesports. This is a great opportunity for an easy way to get actual game film for your own personal development purposes or for recruiting. Just email info@cinesports.tv for further information.

  • PRODUCT TESTING: Under Armour will be offering product testing throughout the morning of the 15th as well!

Fee Non-Refundable

Questions please email:
Kristy Black at kblack@finishlinelacrossecamps.com
or Alex Aust at aaust@finishlinelacrossecamps.com


Under Armour Field
1627 East Fort Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230