ellite-bannerUnder Armour Lacrosse Loyola Stadium

Elite Academy for 2023-2026's

June 29-30th 2019

Under Armour Banner Field
1627 East Fort Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230

Come train with the best women’s lacrosse college coaches and players in the country! Targeting elite middle school athletes who express interest in playing lacrosse at a higher level. Come learn and compete with talented players from all over. Be the first to be apart of the ELITE ACADEMY!

  • 2 Day intensive lacrosse training with ELITE players and coaches.
  • POSITION SPECIFIC instruction for individual and team development
  • Recruiting seminar offered by D1, D2, D3 coaches informing the steps of the recruiting process and what is expected of a student athlete at these different divisions.
  • Mental game seminar speaking on upcoming tryouts and the transition into High School and how to put yourself in the best position to succeed.
  • Nutritional seminar offered by a registered dietitian on the best way to fuel your body pre and post training or competition. .
  • Receive top of the line Under Armour gear.
  • CTour of Under Armour HQ and performance facility.