Finish Line Combine Day!

Our Finish Line Combine Day is specifically geared towards girl’s lacrosse and will give you an idea of what areas of fitness you should be focusing on and comparing yourself to players across the country. Finish Line Combine Day is a day where speed and agility are assessed.

Testing a players fitness level is absolutely vital because no matter how talented you are, if you cannot make it up and down the field without being winded you most likely will not be very efficient on the field.  We at Finish Line believe strongly that off season training should focus on speed. Your first step can make all of the difference on a draw or on an 8-meter shot. If you can get off the line before the girl next to you, you are putting yourself in a better position to either box them out on the draw or cut them off going to cage during a lacrosse game. However, you also want to work up your endurance so you can run and play for the entire 60 minute lacrosse game (or longer if you go into overtime).

What we have found to be the most effective exercise for improving both speed and endurance is running Fartleks. Fartleks is a type of interval training where you run laps around the field sprinting the sidelines and jogging the end lines. When you combine great endurance with quick feet, you can become an unstoppable player.

Train to be the BEST YOU with Finish Line Combine Day! Contact us to learn more today!

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